To Hatch a Thief (Movie Club Mysteries, #1.5)

This novella occurs between the events of Book 1 (Dial P For Poison) and Book 2 (The Postman Always Dies Twice). It stands alone well and readers don’t need to have read the first book to follow the storyline. The novella is available as an exclusive chapter-by-chapter story for my mailing list subscribers.

Mystery, Mayhem, and…Chickens?

When a valuable diamond necklace is stolen, former American cop and classic movie buff, Maggie Doyle’s, peaceful vacation on a remote Irish island comes to an abrupt halt.

An island lawyer hires Maggie to find the necklace before its owner realizes it’s missing. With a ticking clock and ten fractious hens to look after, Maggie and her UFO-enthusiast friend go in search of the thief before they strike again.