The 39 Cupcakes (Movie Club Mysteries, #4)

The fourth book in my brand new cozy mystery series will be published in September 2017.

Acting as chaperone to a group of bratty summer camp kids has ex-cop-turned-private-investigator Maggie Doyle screaming to get her tubes tied. In case a day of fart jokes, fidget spinners, and fisticuffs wasn’t enough, Maggie and one of her demonic charges stumble upon a skeleton at an archaeological dig. What at first appears to be a missing persons cold case takes a more sinister turn when a member of the excavation team winds up dead. Can Maggie and her UFO-enthusiast sidekick solve the case before more bodies stack up? And will the case send Maggie on a collision course with her sort-of-boyfriend, the handsome Sergeant Liam Reynolds?