Settings in 'Deadline with Death'

Kilkenny Castle is one of the castles that influenced the fictional Dunleagh Castle. Although it's in the the middle of the city of Kilkenny, the castle has a gorgeous park with walking trails.

Dublin Castle is another place that influenced Dunleagh Castle. I have a particular fondness for this castle because I walked past it every day when I was at university. In addition to the rooms that are open to tourists, Dublin Castle still houses offices for the civil service and the police.

Dublin Castle

The courtyard at Dublin Castle.

I imagine the view from the castle over Dunleagh Harbour would be similar to that from Charles Fort in County Cork.

The coastline where Dee likes to run. This is actually a view of the cliffs on the Dingle Peninsula.

A gate that has a close encounter with Nana.

The road out to Seamie Dean's farm, scene of the cockfight.

A street in Dunleagh.

A view of Dunleagh.

Dunleagh Harbour (aka Kinsale)

Near Dee's friend's café

The street where Dee lives.