Nixed in Nimes

A Travel P.I. Novella

Meet Angel Doyle, semi-reformed thief and accidental P.I.

Accompanied by the worst P.I. dog in the history of the universe, Angel and her crime-solving sidekick, Sidney, are on the trail of a cut-rate diamond thief. Their chief suspect is Mr. Cuddles, a talent-free street performer with a side hustle in jewel robberies.

Angel and Sidney’s mission is to intercept Mr. Cuddles when he hands over the six stolen uncut diamonds to their black-market buyer. The duo’s only intel is a place (Nîmes, France) and a date (Bastille Day). When Angel discovers Mr. Cuddles dead in her bed on the morning of the handover, she and Sidney face a race against time to find the diamonds and solve the riddle of the diamond thief’s death.

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