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The book cover for Zara Keane's humorous cozy mystery novel, 'Ambushed in the Alps'
Book 2

Ambushed in the Alps

Travel P.I., Book 2

Angel Doyle, semi-reformed thief and accidental P.I., is back for another adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Angel and her friend and sidekick, Sidney, are thrilled to get their first official assignment for the Omega Group, a super-secret international P.I. agency co-run by Angel’s mother, former adult movie actress Desirée Chablis. The agency’s mission: to recover a cache of stolen Egyptian artifacts for a prestigious auction house before an international art forgery gang can sell them at a black-market auction.

With just seventy-two hours to locate the cache, Angel and Sidney are eager to be in the thick of the action. Finally, Angel will get to prove to Luc, the annoyingly hot ex-military P.I., that she’s just as skilled an investigator as he is. Instead, Desirée sidelines Angel and Sidney, making them bodyguards-babysitters for the auction house CEO’s bratty teenage daughter. The only upside to the job is the gorgeous setting. Who can say no to a free stay at a luxurious chalet in the Swiss Alps?

Anticipating a weekend of chocolate, cheese, and breathtaking views, Angel and Sidney instead face an ambush, a ski chase, and a literal ticking bomb. Then Luc rolls up at the chalet, injured and expecting a weekend of recuperation. Before sundown on Sunday, they’re knee-deep in snowdrifts and dead bodies. Can they escape the mountain via a showdown of fondue forks at dawn? Or will two rival art forgery gangs trigger a disastrous avalanche and turn them all into frozen popsicles?

Zara Keane is the queen of cozy mysteries, and this book is no exception!

Cecilia Dawn
Goodreads Review of Knifed in Nice



I think this is one of the best books I have read recently… superb characters, humour as well as edge of the seat suspense! Highly recommended read.

Patricia Joyner
Goodreads Review of Knifed in Nice

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