Investigate with Maggie Doyle in the Movie Club Mystery series, a cozy mystery series brought to you by USA Today bestseller Zara Keane.

Book 1 and 2 of the series are now available in audiobook format, and the rest will soon follow. Check out below for extended samples.

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Dial P For Poison
(Movie Club Mysteries, #1)

“My career in the San Francisco PD ended the day I arrested my husband.”

Maggie Doyle gives her cheating ex and crumbling career in the San Francisco PD the proverbial middle finger, and moves to the Wild West…of Ireland.

Lured by her aunt’s promise of a restful Irish vacation, Maggie agrees to help out at the Movie Theater Café in exchange for bed and board. Things are looking up—until the most hated woman on Whisper Island is poisoned at the café. With her aunt as the prime suspect, Maggie and her rock-hard muffins are hurled into the murder investigation.

With the help of her UFO-enthusiast friend, a nun, and a feral puppy, Maggie is determined to clear her aunt’s name. Can she catch the murderer before they strike again? Or will her terrible baking skills burn down the cafe first?

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The Postman Always Dies Twice
(Movie Club Mysteries, #2)

Breathing hard, I gave a yelp and let the now-empty canister drop to the ground.
“That wasn’t pepper spray.” I stared into the sparkly, green face of the corpse I’d discovered mere hours before. “And you’re not dead.”

When former San Francisco cop Maggie Doyle extends her stay in Ireland, dealing with more murder and mayhem isn’t on her to-do list. Too bad because the instant Maggie and her UFO-enthusiast friend Lenny discover the dead body of Whisper Island’s postman, Maggie’s plans to chill for the next two months are put on ice.

Then Police Sergeant Reynolds, Maggie’s handsome neighbor, arrests Lenny’s brother for the murder, and her friend begs her to find the real killer. Meanwhile, Maggie is hired to investigate ghostly goings on at the Whisper Island Hotel. Can she solve two crimes before St. Patrick’s Day? Or will the island’s annual celebrations end in a glittery flame of green, white, and orange?

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