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Ambushed in the Alps (Travel P.I., #2)


Angel Doyle, semi-reformed thief and accidental P.I., is back for another adrenaline-fuelled adventure.

Angel and her friend and sidekick, Sidney, are thrilled to get their first official assignment for the Omega Group. Their mission is to recover a cache of stolen museum artifacts before an international gang can sell them at a top-secret black-market auction in Switzerland.

With just seventy-two hours to locate the cache, and a rival agency hot on their heels, Angel and Sidney expect to be in the thick of the action. Instead, they discover that while the senior team members do the actual investigating, their role is babysitting a bratty trust fund kid. The only upside to the job is the gorgeous setting. Who can say no to a free stay at a luxurious Alpine chalet?

Anticipating chocolate, cheese, and breathtaking views, Angel and Sidney face an ambush, a ski chase, and a literal ticking bomb. And that was just on Day One. Before sundown, they’re knee-deep in snowdrifts, dead bodies, and an ever-increasing collection of crooks out for their blood. Can they manage to escape the chalet before morning, or will it be a case of fondue forks at dawn?

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